Baby Pigs sell out in 5 minutes!

My first full set of 25 NFT’s titled “Baby Pigs” on the Algorand blockchain were released yesterday, October 17th at 6pm Pacific time. I was shocked to see the whole set sell out in about 5 minutes. Full disclosure, one individual purchased 15 in order to sell on the secondary market. Since they are sold through, I am receiving a 10% royalty on those sales which is amazing. More details below if you’re interested.

Baby Pig Series

I was very happy to see all of my NFT’s sell out from my Rand Gallery drop. I was a little nervous as this was going to be my first drop of 25 NFT’s at one time. I had minted them prior to the listing and set everything up on the back end, hiding each listing through the interface.

About 10 minutes prior to the drop, I opened the Rand Gallery admin interface for my shop and verified everything was still correct. I unchecked the “hidden” box for each NFT then patiently waited for it to hit 6pm. At 6pm on the dot, I hit the “Update” button and immediately went to the gallery page logged in under a different wallet address. I was happy to see all of the pigs were displayed with pricing.

After a minute, I refreshed the page and noticed several of the ALGO price tags were gone, which meant those particular pigs were sold. I refreshed again and saw more disappearing. This continued on until the 5 minute mark when all of the price tags were gone and I was officially sold out!

To say I was speechless is an understatement. I literally couldn’t believe it. I was really wondering if there was some mistake with the site and if I somehow messed up the drop. I logged into my wallet and confirmed the funds had transferred and the transactions had finalized. Amazing!

I went to my Twitter account and tweeted the sell out information, then sat back and soaked it all in.

Now, I didn’t make millions of dollars, and I don’t have a community of 50,000 Discord members, but I do have a small following of passionate Algorand NFT enthusiasts. Their purchases and appreciation for these little baby pigs that I released made me FEEL like I had just made a million dollars. Even though it was a small release of 25, I am very proud to have completed what I feel was a very successful drop of NFT’s on Algorand. Thank you to everyone who purchased on drop day, and to everyone who purchases one in the future, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy my work!




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