Day of the Dead #01 minted on

My first successful mint of my Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) NFT series happened at on October 3, 2021. Right now, the token is at under the collection title “Day of the Dead”.

Minted NFT on

My initial plan was to mint with because they are super popular. Right now there are over 20 million NFT’s on the site. But then I tried to buy an NFT that was listed in another collection and went through the purchase process, it showed the seller wanted the buyer (me in this case) to pay in ETH on the Polygon blockchain. I don’t have any ETH on Polygon, so I would have had to convert some of my regular ETH. For anyone who doesn’t regularly use cryptocurrency, it can get a little convoluted.

In the end, the conversion and transaction fees just were too much for me to justify the purchase. I bring this up because since I am brand new to the NFT creator space, I really want to try and avoid anyone having to pay crazy fees just to own a piece of my work. In the high end market, this might not make much of a difference, but I doubt I’ll be making my way into the high end market with 20 million other listings fighting for views on OpenSea.

So, I moved on to which I had heard quite a bit about. Their NFT space is brand new, but has a super simple UI and minting process. The currency used is USD and it cost me a total of $1.00 to mint and is based on the Solana blockchain.

Right now, there are downsides to listing on For one, you need an account on the site. Given the fact that anonymity is one of the big draws to cryptocurrency in general, having to create an account with KYC involved is probably going to keep a few people away from the site. On top of that, the NFT is stuck on I can’t transfer it to a different hot wallet, or a hardware wallet. I’m ok with that right now.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking at another marketplace to try out. Hopefully I’ll have a new NFT to post about as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and navigate this experience with me. I’m always learning and will hopefully be helping out new creators in the NFT space as they come along.

James (ocularmagic)

Always learning and now exploring the NFT space.