Expanding my NFT’s to other blockchains.

As I continue to work on my Day of the Dead series (just minted number 15 at https://ftx.us/nfts/collection/Day%20of%20the%20Dead/25/1 on Solana) I also decided to put some smaller pieces in galleries on the Algorand blockchain. Seems like a smaller community, definitely lower prices for NFT’s, and easy to make purchases even using Safari.

Baby Pigs on Algorand

FTX.us update — FTX.us made a formal announcement about the ability to withdraw and transfer Solana NFT’s on their exchange. There are some limitations, and when I made a purchase outside of FTX.us then sent it to the FTX.us wallet, it hadn’t shown up after 45 minutes. That’s when I reached out to support to find out the problem. They were responsive and said they would investigate.

I went about my day not thinking too much about it and checked again a few hours later, and found it in my wallet. I still had not heard back from support so I updated the ticket saying it showed up. To me, this is expected with a new roll-out, but be aware as of today (10–17–21), they’re still working through some things.

FTX.us also added the ability to list your NFT’s to be purchased with USD, SOL, or ETH. Because of that, I started listing my pieces in SOL. Until Ethereum gets rid of insane gas fees, I’m going to try and avoid using it. While I wholeheartedly support the chain and hold some ETH, I can’t justify the cost to other people.

Baby Chicks on Algorand

Algorand — One thing I want to mention real quick is you can use the My Algo Wallet to make NFT purchases within Safari. It’s not a plug-in like Phantom or Metamask for Chrome, but just functions through any browser. If you’re a Safari user and hate having to switch to another browser to make NFT purchases using ETH or SOL, on Algorand, you won’t have that problem!

In one of my earlier articles, I talked about the AB2 gallery on Algorand and the 10% royalty fee which I felt was too high (still do). With that said, I decided to list the Baby Chicks I was not able to mint on Solana on Algorand through AB2.gallery and see how the process went. Much to my surprise, as I was listing them, they started to sell!

I was listing them at the same price I listed them on Solana, but as I put them up, they would show up on the front page of the AB2 gallery as “New Listings.” This is one of the main reasons I think they were selling as I listed them.

I did run into a small issue though. I was only able to have 10 listings up at one time. While I don’t have that many right now, I was definitely going to be making series’ that had a larger quantity than 10 unique pieces. This made me start looking into other galleries a little deeper since I had over 10 baby chicks left. That’s when I found the Rand Gallery at randgallery.com.

After reading through the Rand Gallery FAQ, it said I had to contact them to set up a shop. I found them on Twitter to reach out and got a response within a day. Being new to NFT’s on Algorand, they were extremely helpful with advice on pricing, supply, listing, etc. I was (and still am) extremely happy with their service and our interactions. The ONLY complaint I have is the lack of royalties to the artist, which wasn’t a deal breaker for me. As I said before, pay a fair price for my work, and I’m not worried about royalties, even though it would be nice.

I removed the remaining chicks I had on AB2 and put them up on my newly created Rand Gallery HERE. Much to my surprise, they all sold out within a couple days with the help of a Rand Gallery tweet!

While continuing to work on my Day of the Dead series, I decided to create a series of Baby Pigs that will be dropped on my Rand Gallery. They have already been minted and will be dropped in the gallery on October 17th, 2021 at 6pm Pacific time. There are 25 pigs, all slightly unique, that will be priced from 2–6 ALGO each. Currently 1 ALGO = $1.81. I’ll be promoting the sale on my Twitter and Instagram (@ocularmagic under both platforms) and am very excited to see how sales go. Even if they don’t sell, I have learned a lot through the experience and have met some very nice people supporting Algorand.

If you have NFT’s you’re looking to sell, definitely take a look at any number of Algorand galleries. I’m sure you’ll find a very welcoming community willing to help.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something along the way!