• Jan van Essen

    Jan van Essen

    Deep Tech · How to build the future? · Impact stories for sustainability · Rethinking the way we live · Transformative Innovations · Blockchain & Deep Learning

  • Rasmus L

    Rasmus L

  • Tug


    I'm a waiter and a DAO member so I'm always in the weeds.

  • adriano cadau

    adriano cadau

    Italian abstract NFT artist. Take a look here: https://linktr.ee/cadau85

  • Murat Mustafa Tunç

    Murat Mustafa Tunç

  • Patricia Wills

    Patricia Wills

    Caught in the gap between “Gen Z” and “Millennial.” Writing about personal finance and making money online full time.

  • Ava Minchkin

    Ava Minchkin

  • Art Lu

    Art Lu

    Passion to travel, startup and all new technology can let daily life be much better.😀

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