Minted my 6th NFT, first auction started.

I minted my 6th NFT “Day of the Dead #06” over at for anyone interested. I started the auction for #2 which can also be found at the link above. My experience so far is continued below the pic.

I really enjoy creating these characters every day. The hardest part is starting with essentially a blank canvas. I have also noticed a lot of the really successful NFT projects have some sort of projected future utility attached to them along with a Discord group to keep the audience engaged. I’m not going that far. My roadmap is to complete this series on November 2nd, 2021 and sell as many as I can.

As I continue researching NFT’s and working on this series, I’m learning a lot about the generative NFT projects and thinking I might give that a shot next. There’s a bit of coding involved, which I’m not opposed to, but the initial cost to mint could keep me out of that space. I wouldn’t trust my coding skills enough to rely on a smart contract to mint as needed, and if it cost even just $0.40 per piece up front (Algorand) to mint 10,000, that’s $4,000. Right now, with such a small following, that’s just too high of an initial investment for no guaranteed return. Maybe I’ll go with 100 created manually on the Algorand blockchain next month and see how it goes.

Thanks for reading, hopefully some of the information here helps you work through the NFT space. Find me on Instagram and Twitter as @ocularmagic.




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